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PT. Bersaudara was established in 1962 by two brothers, Mr. Husni Ahmad & Mr. Nur Fuad Ahmad, with a broad overview that Indonesian people had minimal access in health services and was very hard to get high quality products from overseas. The two brothers as the founding father, decided to become a supplier and started to build a relationship and access to overseas factories. In 1982 to 2000 was the peak of their success becoming the number one distribution company in medical devices and equipment which represented for more than 90 factories, And in the 90’s, their business turnover reached 400 billion per year.

As time changing, in 2000 on a board meeting the share holder, have an idea to started a division which will make PT. Bersaudara more sustainable. Firstly they built a cooperation/partnership with Troge, Peters Surgical, and Stericlin, company from Germany and France.

Surely they faced a lot of obstacles and challenges, consumable products is not like durable products, they had a lot of retails, customers and geographically cover wide areas. Normally PT. Bersaudara’s business deal with projects and big tenders. They continuously convincing the other share holder that, in the future, this business would be successful if they built products awareness to the users as well as the importance of the product quality and they also saw this was the opportunity to make PT. Bersaudara Group becoming a sustainable company.

In 2005, PT. Bersaudara undertook a corporate action with spin off process from the consumable division to become the company’s entity with the name of : 
PT. Global Dispomedika in disposable products, PT. Global Jaya Medika in durable products and PT. Global Promedika Service in equipment services, on the other side a project division, PT. Global Systec Medika. They made big changes in 2012. The shake holder decided to invite professional staff to become the company’s leader, which had sales and marketing background in distribution to join and became the Director. From then the company’s started to evolve. The first main focus was determine product segments to premium market because of the high quality product from major countries. Second was reforming the human resources. It was decided that all field forces should enroll a training with minimum of 60 hours per year. Balance Scorecard was introduced and implemented as framework to ensure KPI and the execution ran effectively and efficiently. At the same time organization culture was strongly build, and today known as BCRSPRO-LefiTrans (Positive Belief, Creative, Love to Serve, Proactive, Learners, Fair Treatment, Transparent) as the culture for all employee. In 2015, PT. Global Dispomedika appointed PT. Millennium Pharmacon International to become the distributor alongside with the former distributor PT. Parit Padang Global. Since then the company’s growth was above 30% each year

Our Vision

To be the leading corporation in distribution and producing the highest quality medical devices to enhance the quality of life
To become strategic business unit and valuable asset for Holding Company

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality medical device with the most complete product range and excellence services through continuous competency improvement, caring of health as well

Our Culture

– Positive Believe

– Creative
– Love to Serve
– Proactive
– Learner
– Fair Treatment
– Transparent